Allow me to introduce myself, I am Andy Renner and I call the company "Renner".  Just like Nordstrom, Versace, Mercedes, Sears and Cadillac... we put our name on it.  I am quite proud of the train that I offer and it was no easy task.  Before anything was built we spoke with many train operators and asked them what they liked and disliked about the trains they were using.  The first train was created and then tested, at street fairs and other events, to fine tune our train.  Below is the very first train and from this humble beginning grew bigger ideas.

    Most of the ideas expressed seemed like no brainers.  Engineers complained about having the locomotive roof directly in their line of vision, not having doors to better contain small kids and provide easy access for the engineer.  Needing better headlights, a bell that didn't clank and a cooler look were some more opinions.  They would ask why couldn't the engine and cars be the same width for better negotiating turns and aesthetics.  Some thought the adult passengers had major difficulties with low roofs.  Repairing damage and touch-up painting on fiberglass was tough at best.  Others said the upholstery wears out and is a hassle.

    Opinions were given about the size of their trackless trains.  A couple of people stated they had difficulties running on sidewalks or clearing a path through cramped spaces because their train is too wide for the job.  A few said that their train was too narrow and felt unstable.  All of these are great concerns and there were more.  I designed the trains to please the owners and the riders.  Everybody should have a great train ride experience!

    Keeping repairs and maintenance to a minimum creates more profits.  A better looking train gets more jobs and generates more demand.  A safe train eliminates harm to people and property.  Quality lasts longer.  These are a few of my thoughts.  I feel all of the above concerns have been conquered.  As you read through the web site you will notice some of our features that truly set us apart from the others.